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About us & Plants

LAVIOSA MPC is a global service company for chemical and mineral products and equipments, belonging to Laviosa Group.

LAVIOSA MPC is located close to Paris in Limay Seine River harbor.

The ideal localization allows the company to import and export goods via the harbor of Le Havre or Antwerp and to provide products in France, Europe, Africa, Asia and USA.

The company is active in serving worldwide Tunneling, Oil & Gas and geothermal Drilling, Civil Engineering, and soil proofing operations for the past 18 Years. Further the company is providing engineering services for those applications. Besides supplying Tunnel Boring Drilling Fluids Systems and Engineering Services, the company is offering as well specific equipments related to solid control and waste management for Tunneling operations and Drilling Wells.

The staff with over 30 years experience manned by Experts and Specialists in their own fields is helping Customers to solve critical technical issues.

LAVIOSA MPC offers to Customers products of high quality, and common developments for innovative solutions with the philosophy of partnership.

To ensure that the Customer needs are dealt with in the best way possible, LAVIOSA MPC team has placed great emphasis on providing competent and extensive technical back-up.

The Technical Department is involved regularly in care off day to day operational requirements, product evaluation and development, fluid system evaluation and development, and monitoring of drilling programs related to geological conditions.

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